Association of
Somatic Experiencing Practitioners
in Ireland

On 17 October 2017 Tairseach was born: its first Annual General Meeting attended by 23 people agreed a Constitution and the election of its first Management Committee. An important and moving occasion!

The 23 participants included a faculty member, Berns Galloway, several assistants from Ireland and beyond, newly qualified SEPs and graduates, and some students from the second cohort of ISE trainees. A history of the process leading to the formation of the organisation was shared with all. The new Constitution was adopted with a few amendments, and a Committe elected from the assembled participants:  Róisín Ní Chéileachair as Chairperson, Mairéad O'Donnell as Secretary, Terry Deehan as Treasurer, Joëlle Gartner as Publicity Officer and Marych O'Sullivan-Sanford as Membership Secretary.

More importantly, the tireless work put in by Ireland SE, the training organisation, was coming to fruition: five years after the beginning of the first Ireland-based Somatic Experiencing training, an Association of SE Practitioners working in Ireland was born.