Association of
Somatic Experiencing Practitioners
in Ireland

Widening our experience of Touch in therapy!

At the request of the members, Tairseach devoted two of its 'First Tuesday' Cafés to the subject of touch. We invited our members who had attended trainings or workshops with touch specialists whoa lso have a background in SE, to tell us what they had learned, and how they integrate it with SE Touch.

On 6 February,Yvonne Cunningham, Educational Psychologist and Psychotherapist, SEP, TTT and SRR shared her experience of the Transforming Touch approach. She was be joined by her mentor and teacher Dr. Stephen Terrell, PsyD, SEP, creator of Transforming Touch Therapy and Co-creator and author of 'Somatic Resilience and Regulation', and  'Nurturing Resilience' with Kathy Kain.

Yvonne trained with ISE’s third cohort in 2018-20, and went on to complete Stephen Terrell’s Transforming Touch Programme.  She is now organiser and lead assistant for the Transforming Touch training in Ireland  in it. She also assists Kathy Kain . More details about Stephen Terrell/s training programme can be found on his website. Stephen trains in Ireland and artrtnweding the Café were some people who had completed his programme and spoke of the impact it had on their touch practice.

On 9 April, Mairéad O’Donnell and Qiaoyi Li, both SEPs, members of Tairseach and Assistants in SE trainings, shared what they have learned and are integrating of Aline LaPierre’s Neuro-Affective Touch model. Aline LaPierre co-wrote the book on Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM) with Larry Heller, and has herself pioneered the Neuro-Affective Touch method. Further information about the Neuro-Affective Touch can be found on Aline's website.

Both events were very well attended, between 30 and 45 participants, an indication of the great interest SEPs have in further integrating touch into their practice. Tairseach will organise a post-Advanced workshop on SE touch in March 2025 with SE Faculty member Berns Galloway.