Association of
Somatic Experiencing Practitioners
in Ireland

Tairseach Café April 2021: Trauma-Proofing our schools

On 13 April 2021, Tairseach had its second Café, and close to twenty Somatic Experiencing Practitioners and trainees met for an hour and a hlaf to hear their colleague Julie Murphy share her learnings from a workshop she attended, with Maggie Kline (the co-author with Peter Levine of 'Trauma Through A Child's Eyes'). Maggie Kline has recently published a book of particular interest to those of us who work with childre, adolescents and schools: 'Brain Changing Strategfies to Trauma Proof Our Schools'.

Julie Murphy was uniquely placed to share her learnings. Julie has 30 years experience working as an Art Psychotherapist and Humanistic and Integrative practitioner and is currently in the advanced year of Somatic Experiencing training with ISE. She has developed a deep interest in working with people impacted by trauma and has worked in Scottish prisons, psychiatric hospitals, with young people in care, and with teachers in Kosovo. She currently works with people impacted by the conflict in the north of Ireland and in post primary schools. She lives in Omagh, County Tyrone and is committed to her own art practice. (Instagram:juliemurphysculpture)

The approach outlined by Maggie Kline includes building resilience in children and young people, building nurturing environments for pupils, and addressing difficult 'management strategies'. The presentation was followed by a lively Q and A.