Association of
Somatic Experiencing Practitioners
in Ireland

By way of a first entry into this, our Tairseach blog, I want to describe what the blog will be for, and who can write in it.

First, this will be a space for Somatic Experiencing Practitioners in Ireland, Tairseach members in particular, to offer reflections and share readings or indeed viewings which they have found relevant to our work. We also welcome contributors from further afield. For submission guidelines, see below.

Finally I want to wish you all a safe and peaceful end of year - we all deserve it! - and let us wish for a healthy, regulated and socially engaged New Year for all our members, your families, the people you work with, and beyond.

Beannachtaí na bliana úire oraibh!

Joëlle Gartner



Submission Guidelines

You are probably already thinking along these lines, but below are the most important points to consider:

  1. This blog aims to share with the public our membership’s viewpoints, discoveries and experiences relating to their SE practice. This may be read by your clients, or future clients, your boss, your neighbours…
  2. Share your own experience and expertise, and specialisms. 
  3. Please be clear about what is fact and what is opinion. 
  4. Clearly acknowledge any view or source other than your own. If quoting from a book or using the illustration, please take the required steps to clear it with the authors or copyright holders.
  5. If referring to client work, e.g. a short vignette, please ensure it is sufficiently anonymised and seek the consent of your client, as for any publication.
  6. Respect the rule of common decency and courtesy, including with respect to Tairseach 
  7. Remember the law of common libel applies to electronic communication.
  8. Tairseach will not be held responsible for the impact of your writing on your employer, or other professional and personal relationships. 
  9. Tairseach reserves the right to ask for changes or refuse a piece. 

and last but not least: Max Length 500 words!

Accepted at management meeting on 4 May 2021